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To create a perfect menu, we suggest first taking some time to go through and set up various options that will make it easier for customers to make choices on your menu. Here is a standard example of how to upload an item efficiently. (Note: Although you will be able to manage orders very easily on a mobile phone, we recommend setting up your shop and menu on  desktop or laptop computer.)


1.     EatForCharity is a multilingual platform. We do not enter all languages into one field, use the tabs in each section to enter the appropriate language into each. The “Default” tab should be the main language you use at your shop. Then enter at least Chinese and English into the CN and EN tabs (even if you entered one in the “default” tab).

2.     The order of the lists in each page can be rearranged by clicking “Sort”, the re-arranged orders for AddOn categories will only be shown after re-open the food item(s).

3.     High quality photos are strongly recommended. When uploading the pictures, make sure they are nicely cropped and in correct size (at least 500Pixels), you can crop images directly in our system after you've uploaded them.

4.     If you don’t want the item to show on the menu yet, you can save the item in “draft” status first.

5.     It would save a lot of time if all items can upload in each tab at once. For example, when uploading food category, you can add all the categories before moving onto the next tab.

Step 1Log into your dashboard: https://eatforcharity.cn/merchant, check all these tabs on the left side of the page.


Step 2: Start with “Food Category” >> Click “Add New” >> Input the information of the category accordingly. (Please put the name in Chinese or English in the Default tab). These correspond to your menu sections. For example, Appetizers, Salads, Sandwiches, Drinks, etc.

Step 3: Go to “Category Scheduler” to check the availability for all the categories. You can adjust the availability of the whole category by check/uncheck the boxes or adding the specific time available on certain day(s).

The next few areas will focus on some options that will become available for your menu items:

Step 4: Add any size options you have for any of the items on your menu. Go to “Size” >> Click “Add New”.

Step 5: Add “AddOn Category”. An “addon category” has to be added before adding an addon item. For example: “Choice of sides” addon category can be used for burger sets for customers to choose “Fries” or “Salad” addon items.


Step 6: Add “Addon Items. AddOn items can now be selected to Addon Categories with or without a price.


Step 7: Add ingredients for food items. Simply go to “Ingredients” >> Click “Add New” >> Remember to save it after adding the ingredient. 


Step 8: Add “Cooking Reference”. For items that can be cooked in different ways like steak, you can add the cooking options by go to “Cooking Reference” >> Click “Add New” >> Input the cooking reference info >> Save it.

Step 9: Add Food Item. Simply go to “Food Item” >> Click “Add New” >> Input the name and upload the photo of the item >> Scroll down to set all the additional settings, the more detailed the better.


Remember to click “SAVE” on every step!!!

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone