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Instructions on Connecting Printer With EFC


Step 1. Connect your printer to WIFI according to the instruction booklet;



Step 2. Go to website: https://admin.feieyun.com/index.php#, register your account by following the steps requested.


Step 3. Authenticate your identity. Once the authentication is completed, you shall receive the USER and UKEY code. 


第四步:回到EFC后台,在页面左侧找到并点击" Printer Addon " >> 进入首页面后输入USER和UKEY编码 >> 去到第二页”Template”根据图片提示保存模板 >> 最后去到"Printer"页上输入打印机底面的信息,保存后便可测试打印了!

Step 4. Log into your EFC Dashboard, find “Printer Addon” on the left side of the page >> Input all the required info on “general setting” page >> Go to “Template” page to save a template by follow the instruction on the picture >> Lastly, go to “printer” page, filling in the information on the bottom of your printer. Then it’s ready to test print after saving it! 



For asking customer service's assistance, please provide the following information:

一个中国员工的:A Chinese staff's:

- 邮箱 Email

- 联系电话 Phone number

- 身份证正面 Front picture of ID card

- 身份证背面 Back picture of ID card

- 打印机底部信息的照片 A photo of the information at the bottom of the printer. 

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone