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Last updated on May 17, 2020 18:33 in About EatForCharity
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Throughout the years, the teams at SHP, ShekouDaily, and friends, have been honored to support local charities in their fundraising efforts. Often times we get a bit discouraged by how difficult it is to keep people motivated to give on a regular basis. Although some people may get tired of receiving requests to make donations, we know that charities still need ongoing support to help them do the great work they do. This led us to start working on an idea.

The concept is simple... people need to eat. Now, every time someone places an order via EatForCharity to have food delivered to them, a percentage of what they spend will be donated to the charity of their choice!

Although ordering from most online platforms out there can often cost merchants an increasing percentage of their revenue, thanks to arrangements we’ve made with those who support our fundraising efforts, using EatForCharity does not cost the consumer any more money than if they were to order directly from them or from any other delivery platform. This was done without raising anyone's cost as the donation amount simply comes out of those commissions they are already accustomed to paying to others for the order-taking service. Not only is EatForCharity able to offer merchants lower commission charges than the others, 25% of the commission received is given to charity.


The idea first came to mind in mid 2019 and was worked on here and there as a side project. However, during the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, when many restaurants were forced to stop offering dine-in service, the need for the platform became urgent to not only help charities but also local businesses.

On February 17th, 2020, EatForCharity launched a minimalistic system with just seven restaurants in Shenzhen, China. This "Early Access" (Beta Testing) phase lasted until March 31st, 2020 when the platform proved to be a successful model for achieving our mission and vision.

EatForCharity has been gaining growing media attention, and now has a solid full time team behind it with a robust platform and a growing number of merchants across multiple cities in China. We look forward to working with you all to help support as many worthwhile charities as possible.

Next time you're feeling hungry, enjoy your favorite food or drinks via EatForCharity while supporting worthwhile causes... Eat Good, Do Good!

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