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Last updated on May 14, 2020 17:03 in For Consumers » Ordering Tips
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We've integrated key technologies into the EatForCharity platform so that you receive notifications each time the merchant or delivery driver changes the status of your order. 

Order notifications can be received via Email, SMS and WeChat by whomever placed an order on EatForCharity.

If you logged in to EatForCharity using an email address and password, you will receive the notifications at that email address and SMS notifications at the phone number used when you registered.

If you logged in using your Facebook or Google account, you will receive email notifications only via your email address associated with your Facebook or Google account.

If you logged in using WeChat, you will receive notifications to your WeChat account from the EatForCharity Official WeChat account.

NOTE: Per WeChat's guidelines, you will only receive these notifications if you are also following EatForCharity's Official WeChat Account, and you paid for the order using WeChat. If you are not following EatForCharity's Official WeChat, scan the QR Code below.

TIP: If you are not receiving notifications in any of the above scenarios, click the "Notification Settings" button in your Profile to update them.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone