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If you're a registered merchant on EatForCharity and you would like to access the various tutorials, videos, and help content we have to support you, you can do so by clicking the "Help Center" link at the main menu at the top of EatForCharity. 

IMPORTANT: Before you do, you must first Bind Your Merchant Account to the Help Center in order to access the Merchant Tutorials area, as this is a restricted area available only to Merchants.

  • To do so, log into your EatForCharity Merchant Dashboard, then click your name in top right corner, followed by clicking the "Support" link that appears below the QR Code. (see screenshot below).
  • This will open the Help Center and register your account there as a merchant so you will have access.
  • That's it! You're all finished. Now you can close the window.
  • This only needs to be done once and you won't need to enter your username or password there again.


  • Merchant Account Registration: If you haven't yet registered for an account, please click Merchant signup page to register.
  • Merchant Account Activation: After registering your Merchant Account, you will receive two emails. One is confirming your registration and the second is confirming your account activation once your audit is completed.


** The time is base on America/New_York timezone