IMPORTANT Delivery Notes During NCP + Using 'Early Access'

EatForCharity is a multi-lingual online food delivery platform that donates a percentage of every order placed to the charity of your choice. We're currently Alpha Testing as we wrap up a few new features. Orders placed on the site during Alpha Testing will NOT be delivered by restaurants.

We'll begin Beta Testing soon so check back in the next few days. Those who wish to Beta Test will be able to use the site during our "Early Access" phase to help us make sure everything is working fine. Orders placed during this Early Access Beta Testing period WILL be delivered by restaurants.

If you prefer to wait until we finish all of our testing, follow us via WeChat by scanning this QR Code, or via any of our other social media account (links at the bottom of the page) to learn when we'll be ready for you.
EatForCharity WeChat QR Code

About Us

EatForCharity is developed by the team of ShekouDaily and friends. Throughout the years, we've been honored to support local charities in their fundraising efforts. Oftentimes we get a bit discouraged by how difficult it is to keep people motivated to give on a regular basis. Although some people may get tired of receiving requests to make donations, we know that charities still need ongoing support to help them do the great work they do. This has led us to build something that we feel will help solve this problem.

The concept is simple... people need to eat. Now, every time someone places an order via our platform to have food delivered to them, a percentage of what they spend will be donated to the charity of their choice. Thanks to arrangements we’ve made with the restaurants in our platform, using EatForCharity does not cost the consumer any more money than if they were to order directly from the restaurant or from any other delivery platform. The donation amount simply comes out of the regular marketing commission the restaurants are accustomed to already paying for the order-taking service. Restaurants and consumers also have the option of adding additional donation amounts if they’d like.

Next time you're feeling hungry, enjoy your favorite foods while supporting worthwhile causes! Eat Good, Do Good!

Bon Apetit!
Gary Isse - Founder