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Thanks for your interest in joining EatForCharity... where a percentage of every order goes to charity.


EatForCharity is where hungry people come to Eat Good, Do Good.


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Restaurant Sign-Up Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I get my restaurant listed on EatForCharity?
    After completing the registration form, found here, you will receive a login link giving you access to your new Merchant Dashboard where you'll be able to enter all the information about your restaurant.
  2. How much does it cost to add my restaurant to EatForCharity?
    EatForCharity does not charge a fee to join the platform. Instead, an 8% commission is deducted from every order placed in the platform for your restaurant. A portion of that fee is also donated to charity. If you would like, you can increase the amount donated to charity from your orders in your Merchant Dashboard at any time.
  3. Will EatForCharity provide me with an invoice for the commission I pay?
    Yes, when you sign up for your account with us, you will have the option to choose to receive an invoice for the commission paid. If you select to receive an invoice, you can also select how often you would like to receive it. There is no additional charge for invoices.
  4. How do I receive orders placed on EatForCharity?
    You can view your orders via your Merchant Dashboard at any time as well as choose to receive your orders via a combination of email, SMS, WeChat, or through our Order Taking APP. You can also change your notification settings at any time.
  5. Do you offer delivery service?
    EatForCharity does not staff delivery drivers to physically deliver your orders for you. You will have to deliver yourself or contract a third-party delivery company.
  6. What is the distance from my restaurant that I can deliver to?
    Each restaurant can specific how far they are willing to deliver to and they can specify different rates for different distances. For example, you can set a minimum delivery charge of 15 rmb for the first 2 km, then say 20 rmb for delivery to 4km, etc. The EatForCharity platform does not limit the distance so it's up to you to specify how far you are willing to deliver to and what you would like to charge for each distance.
  7. Do you have any instructions or tutorials to help me add my restaurant?
    Yes, we have a complete step-by-step guide available to help Merchants get their shop up and running on EatForCharity as well as details on how to manage your orders and understand your income reports. These will be provided upon approval of your account.
  8. I have more than one location for my restaurant. Can I add them all?
    我不止有一个餐厅地址 我可以添加我所有的餐厅么
    Yes! We suggest that each location have their own account page on EatForCharity so they can better manage their orders and product availability. Simply start by adding one of your locations, then contact us at and we'll help to replicate the shop for use by your other locations.
  9. I see most restaurants are in Shekou, can I add my restaurant if it's not in Shekou?
    我觉得大部分餐厅都是蛇口附近的 我可以添加蛇口以外的餐厅么?
    Absolutely! Any restaurant with a location in China can currently join EatForCharity. If you're outside of China and are interested in joining, please email to let us know and we'll advise you when we'll be ready for you.
    绝对可以! 任何一家在中国有分店的餐厅都可以加入食在慈善网站。如果您在国外,有兴趣加入我们,请发邮件到info@eatforcharity.cn告诉我们,我们会通知到您什么时候可以加入。
  10. I'd like to join but would like you to add my restaurant and menu for me. Can you do that?
    我想加入 您可以协助我添加我的餐厅菜单列表么
    Sure, please email an electronic copy of your menu to and we'll provide a price quote to do so.
    当然 请发送您的餐厅菜单电子文档到我给们食在慈善的网站上,我们将尽快提供一份报价给您
  11. I sell food but I don't have a restaurant. Can I still add my business to EatForCharity?
    我提供食物外卖 但是我没有实体餐厅,还能够通过你们食在慈善网站的网站进行外卖么
    Yes! When you signup, please select the "delivery only" option.
    可以!当您注册完成以后 请点击 只接受外卖服务 选项
  12. I sell drinks, not food. Can I add my business to EatForCharity?
    我只提供酒水没有外卖食物 我还能通过你们平台么
    Yes! We're happy to welcome any food or beverage business that shares our values of helping charities.
    是的 我们很高兴能够为您提供食物外卖以及酒水外卖服务这也是我们网站所分享的价值观 帮助慈善机构
  13. I sell products, not food or drinks. Can I add my business to EatForCharity?
    我有产品 但是没有食物与酒水 我还能加入么
    At this time, we're only able to accommodate those in the Food and Beverage Industry. We do have other online sales platforms though. Please email to learn more.
    目前 我们只针对那些食物外卖与酒水外卖的商家。我们也有其他的在线销售平台。详情请发邮件至
  14. How do you select which charities are beneficiaries of the donations on EatForCharity?
    We started with local charities that we have worked with in the past and those referred by people we know. We're open to include any worthwhile charity though to benefit. If you know of any, please direct them here to sign up.
  15. How can I suggest to add my favorite charity as a beneficiary on EatForCharity?
    If you know a charity, please direct them here to sign up. If you have a suggestion, please email us and let us know.
  16. Can I change how much money is donated to charity from my orders?
    Yes! You can change your donation amount in your Merchant Dashboard at any time.
    是的 您可以在商家控制页面随时从您的订单总额里更换捐赠数额
  17. Who runs EatForCharity?
    EatForCharity is developed and maintained by the team at ShekouDaily, SHP, and friends. Throughout the years, we've been honored to support local charities in their fundraising efforts. We're very excited to be working with you, restaurants, and charities to help make a difference.

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