Thanks for your interest in EatForCharity... where a percentage of every order goes to charity.

感谢您能够加入食在慈善... 每一笔慈善款项将去向何处。

EatForCharity is where hungry people come to Eat Good, Do Good.

食在慈善网站的宗旨是哪里有饥饿的人 吃好 是一个做善事的地方。

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is EatforCharity?
    EatForCharity is an online food delivery / takeaway platform that gives a percentage of every order placed to charity at no extra cost to you! 

  2. How does this work? Is the donation amount given to charity added to my order total? 
    No, you pay the same when ordering here as you would on other online ordering platforms. The donation amount given to charity is taken from the sales commission each restaurant pays to EatForCharity.

  3. Can I see how much has been given to charity from my orders?
    Yes! You can see how much your helping charities from the "Order History" page in your customer profile. To access your profile, click your name in the upper right corner after signing in.

  4. Why did you start EatForCharity?
    Throughout our years supporting local charities, we've noticed that it is often difficult for them to continually fund-raise for their causes. We've been looking for ways to help them get continuous revenue and we came up with this idea with our partners. It's a win-win for everyone! Now with the recent coronavirus outbreak in China, the rising need for food delivery service as people choose to stay home, and the rise of charities helping those afflicted by the outbreak, we thought that this is now the perfect time to launch the service and help those in need.

  5. I see this term 'Early Access'. What is that?
    EatForCharity is currently running its 'Early Access' phase before officially going live and opening to the public. You can think of this like a restaurant's "Soft Opening", and you're invited to join. During this 'Early Access' opportunity, however, you may experience minor glitches, which we will immediately resolve upon you letting us know. Our team will be on hand to ensure your delicious food arrives as requested. Click here for more info.

  6. How can I find a specific restaurant?
    There are two ways. One is to click the "Browse Restaurants" link at the top of the page and look for your restaurant there. The second is to click the icon that looks like a food menu on the EatForCharity homepage and type the restaurant name into the search box.

  7. How can I find a specific type of food or cuisine?
    There are four icons above the search box on the EatForCharity homepage. Use the first one to search by street name, city, etc; the second one to search by restaurant name, the third to search by cuisine, and the fourth to search by specific food name.

  8. Is EatForCharity only for restaurants in Shekou?
    At the moment, most restaurants in EatForCharity are in Shekou, Shenzhen, China as this is the location of our base of operation and it was easiest for us to start here. We are happy to include any restaurant in China into the platform though and have plans to expand quickly so check back for more restaurants.

  9. I don't see my favorite restaurant. Can you add them?
    Sure, we're happy to add any restaurants that are willing to join our cause of helping charities. If you have a specific restaurant you'd like us to add, please email to let us know, or help us to ask them to sign up to join us directly by clicking the "Restaurant Signup" link at the top of the page.

  10. How can I pay?
    You can pay for your food orders on EatForCharity via Cash on Delivery (COD), WeChat Pay, and AliPay.
    NOTE: To ensure people's safety during the new coronavirus outbreak, delivery drivers are implementing "contact-less delivery" so the COD option is temporarily disabled. Click here to learn more.

  11. I don't see an option to pay with AliPay. Where is that? 
    If you're accessing EatForCharity via WeChat, you won't see an option to pay with AliPay as these two companies are competitors and they don't allow their products to work on each other's platforms. To use AliPay, please visit via a web browser on your phone, table, desktop or laptop computer. If you're in WeChat now, you can do so by click the menu button at the top of your screen then clicking the "Open With Browser" option.

  12. I don't see an option to pay via WeChat. Where is that?
    The WeChat Login Features and WeChat Payment Options only appear if you access EatForCharity from within WeChat or from a non-mobile device like a desktop computer or a laptop. You can scan this QR Code using WeChat to visit EatForCharity from within WeChat and see those options.

  13. Why is the "No Cutlery Required" option checked by default on the check-out page?
  14. We at EatForCharity feel we are all stewards of our environment so as such we encourage restaurants to not provide disposable cutlery unless specifically asked for by customers. If you require cutlery with your order, be sure to uncheck this box.

  15. How do I receive notifications?
    Upon placing your first order, you'll be prompted to choose how you prefer to receive notifications; which are sent out when you place the order, when the restaurant accepts your order, and when your order is waiting for pickup. Options include: Email, SMS and through WeChat notifications. You can also update this preference in your account profile page.

  16. What if I need help?
    If you need help with a specific order you've already placed, please contact the restaurant directly. Their contact information is at the top of their menu page. If you are having trouble communicating with them, and or have questions not related to a specific restaurant, please click here for the EatForCharity contact information.

  17. What if my order never arrives?
    Please contact the restaurant directly to let them know. Their contact information is at the top of their menu page. If you are having trouble communicating with them, please click here for the EatForCharity contact information.

  18. How can I rate/review my order?
    After placing an order, you'll be able to rate your experience by clicking the link in your Order History tab in your account profile. Click here to go your account and click your name in the top right corner to view your profile. From there you will see a button next to each order you've placed that you're able to review.

  19. Can I cancel an order?
    Yes, you can cancel an order until a restaurant has changed the order status to accept, or after five minutes if they haven't yet accepted by then.

  20. Will I receive a full refund if I have to cancel my order?
    Yes, if you need to cancel your order per the criteria above, you will receive a full refund if you paid online.

  21. How do you select which charities are beneficiaries of the donations on EatForCharity?
    We started with local charities that we have worked with in the past and those referred by people we know. We're open to include any worthwhile charity though to benefit. If you know of any, please direct them here to sign up.

  22. How can I suggest to add my favorite charity as a beneficiary on EatForCharity?
    If you know a charity, please direct them here to sign up. If you have a suggestion, please email us and let us know.

  23. Can I add more to the donation amount that goes to charity with my order?
    Yes! You'll be given an opportunity to increase your donation by adding your additional amount in the "Additional Donation" field on the checkout page of your order.

  24. Who runs EatForCharity?
    EatForCharity is developed and maintained by the team at ShekouDaily, SHP, and friends. Throughout the years, we've been honored to support local charities in their fundraising efforts. We're very excited to be working with you, restaurants, and charities to help make a difference.

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