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Eat Good Do Good

Order food, drinks, groceries, or medication online and help charities earn money to continue to do the great work they do, at no extra cost to you!

Multilingual Platform in Multiple Cities

Helping Foreigners Order in China

Available in 7 different languages, EatForCharity helps you order the things you love and need, for pick-up, dine-in, or delivery, in your own language, with your own currency, while also helping worthwhile causes. Hundreds of caring business from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou, JieYang, and Yiwu have so far joined our fundraising efforts for you to order from in China.


Feel like going out? No problem. Find the best options here, browse menus, and even pre-order to minimize your wait.


Ordering ahead of time not only helps save you time, you can also avoid any protential ordering and payment problems.


Don't feel like going out? We've got you covered! Find your favorite foods near you and have them delivered to your door!

Don't like ordering on a website?

Order using the EatForCharity Mini-Program

Our mini-program makes it even faster and easier to order the things you want via WeChat, while still helping charities. All of the great features found online, plus more, are available in the mini-program; however, only WeChat Pay is accepted when ordering on the mini-program. Search EatForCharity in WeChat, or scan the QR Code below, to give it a try.

Amazing Charities

EatForCharity gives 25% of the revenue it earns from merchants to a charity of your choice. Every time you order, you can choose which of the charities below receives the donations from your order so they can continue to do the good they do, at no extra cost to you!

Liang Jin

Liang Jin is young Chinese boy who, at 5 years old, suffered burns to 80% of his body when his father tried to commit suicide.

Raised CNY8,407.47 since 2020-02-17


Karuna Rescue

Karuna Rescue is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abused or abandoned dogs & cats.

Raised CNY22,983.25 since 2020-02-17


Educating Girls of Rural China

Through EGRC’s financial & emotional support, hundreds of young women have changed their lives through education.

Raised CNY344.21 since 2021-01-27


Heart 2 Heart Shanghai

H2H provides corrective surgeries for children in China with congenital heart disease whose parents cannot afford them.

Raised CNY310.39 since 2021-01-23


Captivating International

Captivating helps children from extremely disadvantaged and high risk circumstances reach out for a better tomorrow.

Raised CNY7,613.81 since 2020-02-17


Single Mom Battling Cancer

Nicole found she had cancer when she came to work in China. She is being supported by her 13 year old daughter, friends and colleagues.

Raised CNY12,911.28 since 2020-02-17


Mark's Feeding the Homeless Program

Mark Butchoy is a drummer from the Phillipines in Shenzhen who is raising money to help feed the homeless back home.

Raised CNY1,791.44 since 2020-12-16


Want to Get Involved?

Are you a Charity or a Merchant

If you're a merchant that shares in our mission of helping charities raise money, or if you're a charity that would like to become a beneficiary of our fundraising efforts, please click the link below.

Merchant Charity

Payment Options

No matter where you come from, we have various payment options to make it as easy as possible for you to order and enjoy the things you love and need. Note: Only WeChat Pay is accepted in the WeChat mini-program.

WeChat Pay & AliPay

Of course, the two most popular and convenient payment options in China are available.

PayPal & Credit Cards

Using PayPal, you can pay with credit cards or with a variety of currencies from around the world.


You also pay with points awarded to you from each order, or those pre-purchased.

Why Choose EatForCharity?

Aside from the heart-warming feeling you get from knowing that you're helping those in need. EatForCharity offers many other features and benefits.


Reducing Waste

On EatForCharity, disposable cutlery isn't delivered unless specifically requested upon checkout.


Live Support

Receive live support, in real-time, when you need it, from our dedicated multi-lingual Customer Service Team.


Advanced Filters

Use the multiple filters available to help you find what you want and customize meals just right for you.


Fast Delivery

We've partnered with China's largest food delivery services to get you your deliveries as fast as possible.



Our platform is fully integrated with merchants and drivers so you can track where your order is anytime.


7 Languages

EatForCharity is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish & Portuguese.


Knowledge Base

Find the answers to hundreds of questions in our extensive knowledge base and support center.


Earn or Buy Points

Earn loyalty points to help you save or buy some for friends and family to use same-as-cash.


Gift Cards

Give the gift of caring with EFC Gift Cards. Available in a variety of denominations.

Sustainable Business With Heart

More than Just Business As Usual

We believe that business should do more than just provide a product or service for a profit. Our model is an experiment to prove just this by incorporating environmentally friendly practices, paying fair and livable wages, and maintaining the lowest fees for our merchants. All while giving 25% of our revenue to charity. Join us if you agree. Eat Good, Do Good!

Is EatForCharity a charity?

EatForCharity is not a charity, but a fundraising project that launched on February 17th, 2020, by the team at SHP, ShekouDaily, and friends in Shenzhen, at the onset of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, as a way to help foreigners order food, while helping worthwhile charities earn money.

EatForCharity gives 25% of the revenue it earns from the commission merchants pay to receive orders, to the charities chosen by consumers when checking out.
Although commissions merchants pay to marketplaces like this can reach as high as 35% in China, EatForCharity appreciates merchant's support in our fundraising efforts and strives to help keep their costs as low as possible. For that reason, commissions start as low as 9% and do not exceed 15%.
EatForCharity sends all the donations from orders received from each month to charities on the first Monday of the following month.
All merchants and charities on EatForCharity have access to a real-time dashboard where they can see all the monies earned from all orders, in real-time. In fact, even shoppers can see in their accounts how much they've helped raise as well!
Since starting on February 17th, 2020, EatForCharity has raised CNY 58,623.82 for charity

User Feedback

One of the things that keeps us going is all the amazing feedback we've been getting from shoppers, merchants, and charities alike.

Todd M.

Partner at Mariachi Bowls Express

EFC is amazing hands down. Customer and business side.

Katherine M.


I've personally been blown away by the Eat for Charity platform. Customer service is unparalleled.


Owner of Karuna Rescue

Last month Karuna purchased new beds for the extensions from this amazing initiative!

Luke G.


I can comfortably say this is the best app in the entire 71-year history of the PRC.


Owner of Indian Spice

It's truly unbelievable what EFC has been able accomplish and build in such a short period of time.


Captivating International

Amazing! Thank you again for all of your wonderful support.

Our News

What's New at EatForCharity

We're constantly adding new features, products, merchants, and charities, and even expanding into other cities to reach more of you.

Weekly Updates

NEW Merchants, Features and Services on EFC (Feb 28, 2021)

This last Friday was the Lantern Festival, which officially marked the end of the holiday. The Chinese New Year celebrations may be over, but don't worry, we'll be here to help your transition back into normal life go as smoothly as possible. In fact, we have some exciting new additions to help you!

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Raffles Medical Shenzhen Clinic

We're pleased to announce that Raffles Medical Shenzhen Clinic has joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity! Their menu includes the most commonly requested over-the-counter medication... Available to order for delivery throughout China!

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Hannover Coffee in Shenzhen

We're pleased to announce that Hannover Coffee in OCT, Shenzhen has joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity. Scan the QR code in the poster to browse their delicious menu of European food and drinks on the EatForCharity mini-program, or visit them on our website at...

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Karuna Pets

We're pleased to announce that Karuna Pets is now on EatForCharity! Support a great cause while purchasing high quality food & treats your furry ones will love. Available for delivery throughout China!

Weekly Updates

EatForCharity Turns 1, Expands into 7th City: Xiamen

Today, February 17th, marks the one year anniversary of EatForCharity first launching it's online food and drinks ordering platform. Started in the midsts of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China, EatForCharity is dedicated to helping secure reliable and continuous streams of revenue for charities to continue to do the great work they do.

Weekly Updates

Delivery Rate Changes, Holiday Closures & More on EFC this week

Important updates regarding delivery fees and how to get the most out of EatForCharity during the Chinese New Year holiday. Happy CNY!

Weekly Updates

NEW Features, Newly Added Charity & New Services Coming to EFC!

This week we added a new charity, made a few updates to the platform, and began planting seeds for some new services that will be coming soon to EatForCharity.

Weekly Updates

EatForCharity Enters Shanghai, Expanding to 6th City in China

It's hard to believe that next month will mark a full year since EatForCharity first started. A lot has changed in that short period of time. Over 120 wonderful businesses are now actively taking part in our fundraising efforts in support of the now seven charities on the platform...

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Dawat Indian Restaurant in Shenzhen

We're pleased to announce that Dawat Indian Restaurant in Futian has joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity! Long-press the poster to check out their menu...

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Parma Italian Restaurant in Shenzhen

New restaurant Parma recently joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity and is now offering 50% off all their pizza and pasta when you order exclusively from EatForCharity!

Weekly Updates

NEW Tool to Find Your Food + Updates, Winners & More (Jan 12)

We hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season. We've been a bit quiet since then but we haven't been still. In fact, we have some exciting new updates for you; including new shops, new features, new winners, and more!


25% OFF At Indian Spice is Back!

25% OFF All food items at Indian Spice is back... until January 20th! Find them on EatForCharity for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery up to 20km!

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Drip Lap & Mariachi Bowls in Futian Shenzhen

We're pleased to announce that Drip Lab & Mariachi Bowls in Futian has joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity. Long-press the poster to check out their menu of Mexican Food and cocktails, all available to order for dine-in, pick-up or delivery up to 5km! Eat Good, Do Good!

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Baeckerei Thomas' Dachong Shop in Shenzhen

We're pleased to announce that Baeckerei Thomas' Dachong Shop has joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity, extending their delivery range even further! Long-press the poster to check out their menu of delicious baked goods and sweets!

Merchant Announcements

Welcome Gecko Pizza & Pub in Shenzhen

We're pleased to announce that Gecko Pizza & Pub in Sea World has joined the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity. Long-press the poster to check out their extensive menu, available to order for dining in at the restaurant, pick-up or delivery up to 10km! Eat Good, Do Good!


50% OFF Hummus & Pita Bread at Mr. V

Enjoy 50% OFF various delicious flavors of hummus and types of pita bread until Jan 5th, for delivery anywhere throughout China. Eat Good, Do Good!


We're Giving 100% of EFC Proceeds to Charity on Christmas Day

By now you probably already know that our mission at EatForCharity is to combine people's love of food with technology in order to create continuous streams of revenue to support worthwhile causes. We use the commission that merchants pay to online ordering platforms like ours as the way to do this. Normally, we give 25% of these commissions (our revenue when you order), to the beneficiary of your choice on EatForCharity.

Weekly Updates

EFC Updates, Giveaway, New Shops and More this Week (Dec 23rd)

It's been another great week here at EatForCharity with the addition of new merchants and charities, the release of some new features and deals, and of course, some Christmas promotions happening now! We're so happy to see more and more people using it and more shops coming on board.

Weekly Updates

EFC Updates, Giveaway, New Shops and More this Week (Dec 13)

We have some great new merchants, deals, and features on EatForCharity that we're excited to share with you this week. It's amazing to think that it was 10 months ago this month that we started our fundraising endeavour. We're so happy to see more and more people using it and more shops coming on board. Thanks, as always, for your support. Eat Good, Do Good!

Weekly Updates

EFC Updates, Giveaway, New Shops and More this Week (Dec 6)

This has been an exciting last couple of weeks. Sorry for not posting last week, we're limited to only four posts per month and November had five weeks. Helping so many of you enjoy your Thanksgiving was very exciting for us. We're so thankful for all of your support and trust in EatForCharity for your meals and we're looking forward to helping with your next holiday meals. In preparation of the next holiday, we have an exciting new offering to share as well, plus new merchants and new deals! We hope you enjoy them.


Thanksgiving Buffets, Dinners, Desserts & More Available on EFC!

Thanksgiving is coming! If you're still looking for where to go to enjoy the dinner, or to get your own Thanksgiving turkeys, hams, cranberry sauces, and other traditional necessities, see below for a list of merchants stocked up and ready to help you enjoy the holiday.

Weekly Updates

New Shops, Continuous Improvements, Deadlines & more (Nov 22)

It's hard to believe that it's now been 9 months since we first launched EatForCharity with just 7 restaurants in Shekou. So much has happened since then and we're constantly adding new restaurants all over Shenzhen and making continuous improvements. Please see below for some updates from this week. If you have any suggestions, we'd like to hear them. Eat Good, Do Good!

Weekly Updates

New EFC Features, Shop Additions, and more (Nov 16)

Thanks for celebrating our first 11.11 Shopping Day with us last week. It was an exciting day for us. We've added some new shops as well as some new features for both merchants and customers to help provide everyone with a better experience using EatForCharity. We hope you enjoy them. See below for more on those. Eat Good, Do Good!

Weekly Updates

50% OFF 11.11 Voucher, a Big Move + More EFC Updates (Nov 8)

We're excited to celebrate our first 11.11 Shopping Day on EatForCharity this coming week and are preparing for a 50% OFF SALE for those of you in our WeChat groups. See below on how to join and to read about other deals and exciting news for us. Eat Good, Do Good!

Weekly Updates

EFC Updates, Giveaway, New Shops and More this Week (Nov 2)

We had a really exciting time at our Halloween parties this weekend We hope you had a wonderful Halloween as well.


EFC EXCLUSIVE: 30% OFF All Items at Legend (Oct 25th-Nov 1st)

Join us in welcoming Legend Bar & Restaurant to the fundraising efforts on EatForCharity. To celebrate, we're pleased to announce that from October 25th to the November 1st, you can enjoy 30% OFF ALL ITEMS from Legend, when you order (exclusively) on EatForCharity!

Weekly Updates

EFC Updates, Giveaway, New Shops and More this Week (Oct 25)

Getting 5 new merchants set up on EatForCharity in just 7 days is a record for us so we're excited to share that with you, along with software updates, special offers, and more. Read on to learn all about it. Eat Good, Do Good!


3 Ways to Prevent "Soggy" Takeout Food

Because EatForCharity does not limit businesses to delivering only to customers within 5 kilometers or less, and allows businesses to accept and deliver food as far away as they would like, we sometimes hear complaints from customers that the food arrived "soggy".

Weekly Updates

EFC Updates, Giveaway, New Shops and More this Week (Oct 18)

It's been a busy week at EatForCharity after the holiday and of course, we're excited to share what we've been up to. New merchants, software updates, special offers, and much more. Eat Good, Do Good!

Service News

EatForCharity Partners with World's #1 Food Delivery

You may have noticed some of your orders from EatForCharity being delivered by Meituan recently. Since launching back in February, we've noticed delivery speed being one of the biggest issues affecting customer satisfaction, so, in an effort to speed up your food deliveries, we've been working hard on partnering with China's largest food delivery service providers.

Want to learn more?

Visit our Support Center & Knowledge Base

We have an extensive and growing Help Center and Knowledge Base to help answers a varity of questions from users; whether you're a shopper, merchant or charity.

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